Irregular Verb Practice

Here are some games to help you practice your irregular verbs:




Challenge Board:





Learning Goal: To be able to conjugate irregular verbs in order to play a board game with my classmates.

Success Criteria:

  • I can follow the basic rules of the game.  (e.g. lancez le dé, avancez, réculez…)
  • I can identify the subject that I land on. (e.g. je, nous, le prof, Marc)
  • I can conjugate the verb that I have chosen from the pile. (Spell it out on a scrap piece of paper.)
  • If you answer correctly you stay.  If you are incorrect, you go back.
  • If there are any disputes I can check the verb chart.
  • I can cooperate with my classmates in order to successfully complete the game.
  • I can have fun without getting carried away.

DEVOIRS! (Homework)

It’s not often that Madame sends home homework but this weekend we are finishing up work and practicing for presentations.

Grades 6, 7, 8:

You can work on finishing Des verbes irréguliers: Vouloir, Pouvoir, Partir, Sortir, Devoir.  These are very important verbs to memorize.  Verbes Irréguliers

Verbe Je Tu Il/Elle/Qui? Nous Vous Ils/Elles
Être suis es est sommes êtes sont
Avoir ‘ai as a avons avez ont
Faire fais fais fait faisons faites font
Aller vais vas va allons allez vont
Vouloir veux veux veut voulons voulez veulent
Pouvoir peux peux peut pouvons pouvez peuvent
Partir pars pars part partons partez partent
Sortir sors sors sort sortons sortez sortent
Devoir dois dois doit devons devez doivent

Grade 4:

You will be taking home your Sac à Dos posters to add finishing touches and prepare for your presentation on Monday.  Practicing saying your presentation to your family.  “Dans mon sac à dos, il y a…”

You can watch the following videos to help you remember how to say the words:


All the homework is due on Monday!

Bon fin de semaine!

~ Mme Fisk ~

jeudi, le 14 novembre, 2014

Unfortunately I am unable to be at school today.  Please show your guest teacher what a great group you all are.  I had such great reviews last time and I expect that will be the same for today.  Your guest is there to supervise and observe how awesome you are.  I am counting on you to run the show smoothly while I am not there.  That’s a big responsibility!

9:00 – 9:40 – Mr. Kropf’s Grade 8s, Rm 12:

You can start by watching the video on the verb POUVOIR.  It is just like vouloir so it should be familiar to you.

You should pause the video so that all of the possible conjugations are on the screen for reference.

You will then be given a VouloirPouvoir worksheet where you will have to choose between using Vouloir (to want) or Pouvoir (to be able to).  **Please photocopy enough for all students (try to get two sheets on one page so you only have to copy 45 sheets)

If you are done early, you can work on your Jour du Souvenir wordsearch that I gave you yesterday.

9:55 – 10:35 – Mrs. Taillon’s Grade 4s, Rm 6:

Please gather all of your things and head to room 3B.  Mrs. Adeyemi has agreed to let us use her room.  Merci!

You can start by watching the Bonjour Song.

Then stand for O’Canada.

Followed by praying the Hail Mary in French.

Watch these two videos to learn some new words about the member of your family:  Famille 1, Famille 2

Add the following family vocabulary to your dictionaries:

English French English French
father un père mother une mère
brother un frère sister une sœur
son un fils daughter une fille
husband un mari wife une femme
grandfather un grand-père grandmother une grand-mère
grandson un petit-fils granddaughter une petite-fille
cousin – male un cousin cousin – female une cousine
uncle un oncle aunt une tante
nephew un neveu niece une nièce

Now, get an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of blank paper from your guest teacher and draw the best picture of your family that you can.  Something good enough to be framed and put on the wall.  Make sure you give it a title Ma Famille .  Remember, families come in all varieties.  It is up to you to decide who you include in your picture.  When you are done, label each person in French e.g. ma soeur.  Reminder: if it is a boy you are going to use mon to say ‘my’ and if it is a girl you are going to use ma.  Take your time and have fun.

10:35 – 11:15 – Mrs. Ames’s Grade 4s, Rm 7:

You can repeat what Mrs. Taillon’s class did for French. 🙂

12:15 – 12:55 – Mrs. Pratt’s Grade 6s, Rm 9:

You can repeat what Mr. Kropf’s class did. 🙂

12:55 – 1:35 – Mrs. McPhie’s Grade 6/7s, Rm 10:

You can repeat what Mr. Kropf’s class did. :)**

1:50 – 3:00 – Mrs. Ducker’s Grade 7/8s, Rm 11:

You can repeat what Mr. Kropf’s class did. :)**

**Mrs. McPhie and Mrs. Ducker’s classes don’t have the Jour du Souvenir worksheet yet.  Please photocopy 30 extras.  You can find a copy on my cart or desk.  Merci!