Madame n’est pas ici aujourd’hui


Madame Fisk n’est pas ici aujourd’hui. 😦

Please make sure you show your substitute teacher respect and help them know what great French students you are!

Here’s the plan for the day:

Grade 8’s , 7/8’s, 6/7’s and 6’s:

Please finish up the VOULOIR sheet we started yesterday: Vouloir1.  Your substitute teacher can give you back the question sheets but will collect them for the other classes.

You are to create 5 of your own Vouloir sentences on the same sheet of lined paper.  These will be marked!  Please do you best and be creative.

Now, flip over your lined piece of paper and do the 25 questions from this worksheet: Vouloir2.  Your teacher can give you a copy to borrow.

Completed sheets with all questions answered from both worksheets are to be handed in when you are done.

Grade 4’s:

You can start by singing O’Canada.

Then finish with a prayer.

You can watch Sac à Dos to get you ready for your project.

Grade 4’s are going to be working on a project this week.  The project is to create a poster of all the things that you would find in a backpack.

On your extra large piece of white paper, put this title at the top: Dans mon sac à dos, il y a…

Now, draw a large picture of your backpack in the middle.

Finally, draw as many things as you can that you would find in a backpack.  Remember to label them in French.

Your poster should look something like this when you are done:


I hope you all have a fantastic day and were great!  I will get a full report when I return.

à la prochain!

Mme Fisk


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