Guest Teacher Day – March 19th


I am away today.  Please show your guest teacher respect and help them with our routines like always.

Grade 8’s and 7/8’s

You can continue working on your celebrity interview.  If you want the typed version to copy and paste, click on this link:

Students are allowed to go to other classrooms to use computers.  They are also allowed to use their own devices to help them with research.  They are always responsible when using technology and I expect this will be the case today as well.

Your guest teacher will have extra paper copies and cue cards for you to use.

I want to wrap this up today and start rehearsals tomorrow.  Please remain focused on the task.  Friday is my expected presentation date.

Grade 6/7’s and 6’s

Your monster descriptions should be finished by the end of today!  If you need a computer, you can ask to leave the room and find one.  All of the files that you need to finish your description can be found here:

If you are finished, you can work on this worksheet provided by your guest teacher –

Grade 3/4’s and 4’s

You can continue working on your family album project.  You should be finishing up the rough drafts and moving onto the creation of your final project.  You can ask to leave the room to find a computer if you need. There will only be two computers available in the classroom. *Not having a computer does not mean that you cannot work on your project.  You should always be on task.**

Remember that all of the files that will help you can be found here:

I hope everyone has a great day and I will see you all tomorrow!

~ Madame Fisk ~


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