Guest Teacher Afternoon – April 29, 2014

Bon après-midi!

I am still in the school working with Mr. Kropf and Mrs. Pratt on Computer Training.  Please be respectful and helpful.

Grade 6, Room 9 – 

Watch the video where Audrey shows how food is an important part of French culture.  Make sure the subtitles are playing along with the video. Pay attention to what is going on.  There will be questions at the end.  Video should take up most of the period.

Grade 3/4, Room 6 – 

You can go and use the computer half of the library.  When on computers, please watch some weather videos from my playlist on Youtube.


Please also complete the weather worksheet given to you by your Guest Teacher.

Grade 4, Room 7 – 

Please work on the weather worksheets your Guest Teacher gives you.  If you have not finished your cut and paste from the other day, that should be your first job to finish.  I will be collecting them tomorrow.

I can’t wait to hear how AWESOME the afternoon went.



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