Guest Teacher Day – jeudi, le 29 mai, 2014.


Please welcome our Guest Teacher for the day.  Please be helpful and show respect.  I will be finding out how you did so make it good.

Grade 8, Room 12 –
Please continue with your celebrity guessing game.  You can find the instructions here,
Hopefully your guest teacher can help you edit your work before you start your good copy.

When you are ready for your mini-poster, you can pick a piece of coloured paper from my cart.
You can take turns finding a celebrity picture on the internet. Maybe the class can cut and paste several images into one word document and print once so that we don’t waste paper.
If you can’t get your images right away, just leave some space.

Yard Duty, Outside Intermediate Area: Please wear vest with clothes pins for washroom passes and take walkie talkie from the office.

Grade 7/8, Room 11 – 
Please continue with the same assignment and instructions as above.

Grade 6/7, Room 10 –
Please continue with designing your own French Eatery.  You can find the instructions here,

Use the available resources to help you figure out what the food is called in French.  Use the examples and strive to improve upon them.


Grade 6, Room 10 –
Please continue with the same assignment and instructions as above.

Grade 4, Room 6 –
Please take the grade 4’s to room 7 for their French time.  You will need to take magazines, paper, and glue with you.

Please continue with creating your own Frankenstein.  You can find the instructions here,
Some of you are still cutting and pasting, some are ready to label the body parts.
Please shine the body part chart on the BrightLinks so that students can label their Frankenstein’s.
Students, make sure to leave enough time to clean up the room better than when you entered it.

Grade 8, Room 12 –
Please return to room 12 to supervise.  The classroom teacher Mr. Kropf will have left work for them to do.  If you don’t mind staying until the end of the day that would be great.  Otherwise, someone will be by to relieve you at 2:30.

Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC day.



Guest Teacher Afternoon – May 26th

Bonjour.  I am away at computer training this afternoon.  Please be helpful to your guest teacher. Remember respect always.

Grade 6, Room 9 –

The grade 6s will be showing what they know about BATON and Irregular adjectives.

They will complete the Show What You Know worksheet without any assistance and without talking.
All work will be done on a lined piece of paper and submitted when done.
The first part they will add into the sentence the correct form of the adjective.
The second part they will choose the correct form of the adjective from the chart and put in in the sentence.

A couple of reminders:
– change the des to de.
– when adding in a number, make sure to replace the article (les).
– when a noun is masculin and starts with a vowel, make sure you choose the correct one from the chart.

télévision (f)
enfant (m)
auto (f)
acteur (m)
arbre (m)

The grade 6s are really good at this!  If you are done early, you can hand it in and then return to your desk and catch up on work or read a book.  Please do not distract the others who are trying to do their work.

You got this!

Grade 4, Room 6 –

Grade 4’s are going to the library.  They can play french games from the following websites.

Yard Duty – Please wear vest with clothes pins for washroom passes.  Have a student grab a walkie talkie from the office for you so that you can communicate in the case of an emergency.  You can supervise the Intermediate area of the playground.

Grade 4, Room 7 –

I have signed out the computers in the library.  The grade 4’s can do the same as above.  If for some reason the computers are not available…
– Go outside and play “Quelle Heure est-il est monsieur loup”.  (The students will first review the game rules and success criteria.
– Play a big game of dix outside.
– Stay in the class and continue watching Madagascar in French.  I think we are at about the 17 minute mark.
French Titles – Madagascar
Username: ckinteacher
Password: trillium


I can’t wait to hear about the FANTASTIC afternoon you had.
~ Mme Fisk ~