Guest Teacher Afternoon – Lundi le 5 mai, 2014.

I will be away this afternoon for computer training.  Please be respectful and helpful.  I will be getting a full report when I return.

Grade 6, Room 9 –

Watch this film of a boulangerie in action:

Work together as a class with you guest teacher to fill out the following two worksheets.  Write the final correct answers on a lined piece of paper.

Boulangerie p. 24

Boulangerie p. 25

Grade 3/4, Room 6 –

Take the grade 4’s to the library for computer time.

Please watch the two videos below.

Grade 4’s, please complete the Weather Quiz below.

Grade 4, Room 7 –

Please watch the two videos below.

Students will take turns taking the Weather Quiz below.  I will provide a list, and once you are done, check your name off and whisper to the next person that it is their turn.

While you are waiting to take the quiz, please work on finishing the worksheet from the last guest teacher.  Make sure it is coloured.  I want to see more than just pencil stick people!


Bonne journée!  I will see you all tomorrow.




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