Welcome to our Guest Teacher! – September 25th, 2014.

Welcome to our guest teacher today!  Please show them some Bobcat hospitality by being helpful and respectful.

The teacher will meet each class at their classroom and bring them to the French room.  At the end of class, the teacher walks them back.  Please show how we walk in a line on the right side without talking in the halls.  After recess, the teacher will pick the students up at the outside doors and give them time to go to their classroom to get a pencil.

9:00 – 9:40 – Grade 6, Room 10

1. You may start by discussing with your groups the Trois par Jour (three questions of the day) on the board.  You will only be given 2 minutes.  If you are done the questions, practice again until time is up.  No need to start up English conversations.

2. One person from each group please pass out the binders.  The two ‘Profs de la semaine’ helpers (student names are chosen and written on the board) will pass out the chromebooks for student use.  Please use proper procedure for handling the Chromebooks to avoid damage.

3. The class will read once more Les vacances de Léa.  Click on this link to view the story: https://docs.google.com/a/wcdsb.ca/presentation/d/1KAILz34tVP5fMOn0rzVxEk6J7cAAe0CnTiMloA_g8lg/edit?usp=sharing  (Signing in will not be required for the day.)  Please pay particular attention to pronunciation on this reading.

4. On the back side of your page, please make a t-chart with two columns.  One column is called Mots Amis/Connus and the other column is called Mots Nouveaux.  In the first column you will write all of the familiar words that you already know from the story.  They can be words that you have learned or words that are similar in both languages.  In the second column, you will write all of the words that you are NOT familiar with.  When you are done your chart, take some time to investigate some of the words that you don’t know by looking them up with http://www.wordreference.com.

5.  Léa and her friends had many adventures on their summer vacation.  Discuss with your group IN FRENCH what you did on your summer holidays.  You can use the laminated sheets of paper on your tables to help you discuss.  e.g. J’ai fait du camping avec ma famille.  Your teacher can help you understand some of the ones you may not know before you discuss.

6.  Using your available resources, write 4 sentences about what you did this summer while on holidays.  You can write your answers on a lined piece of paper.  (The lined paper is kept on the shelves at the back of the room.)  I will be asking you what you came up with upon my return.  Be original and creative with your answers.  Remember, even though Léa didn’t go very far, she used her imagination to have an adventurous vacation.

7.  Five minutes before the end of class, please stop what you are doing and start to clean up.  Binders are returned by one person from each group.  Chromebooks remain on the table for the next class to use.

9:55 – 10:35 – Grade 8, Room 12 (Pick up at gym doors)

Same lesson as above

10:35 – 11:15 – Grade 7, Room 11

Same lesson as above

12:15 – 12:55 – Grade 5/6, Room 9

Same lesson as above

12:55 – 1:35 – Grade 4/5, Room 7

I would like at least one grade 5 to sit at each table to help with the grade 4s today.  Merci!

1. Start by discussing with your groups the three questions of the day.  Grade 4s should talk about the day of the week while the grade 5s should be discussing the whole date.  Grade 5s, help the grade 4s learn more about the date.

2. Watch this video on the days of the week.

3. The guest teacher will take the days of the week off the top of the calendar and place them randomly on the whiteboard.  It will be up to the class to put them in order.

4. I would like my ‘profs de la semaine’ helpers to pass out the grade 4 presentations that are in the 4/5 bin at the back of the room.  Students will practice just like we did last time.  Get up out of your seat and say your presentation to as many people as you can.  The REAL presentations will start tomorrow.  Grade 5s, please help the grade 4s with their pronunciation of the words.  When you are done, please place the sheets back into the bin.

5.  You had a Chasse au Trésor the other day.  It was a lot of fun.  You can now continue practicing your new animal vocabulary by playing Digital Dialects – Animals on the Internet.  You can play it with a partner on the Chromebooks.


6.  If you have time, the grade 5s can help organize a game of DIX!  Remember, the grade 4s haven’t played yet so you need to be clear with your instructions.  Also helping with the numbers would be great.

7.  You are the last class of the day in this room. Please return the Chromebooks to the charging cart and put the chairs up.  A good sweep and tidy for the custodian would also be appreciated.

1:50 – 2:30 – Learning Support

Please check with the office/principal how best you can support student learning during this time.

We hope you had a wonderful day!!!!

Mme Fisk


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