Guest Teacher Day – October 28th

Please give a warm CTK welcome to our guest teacher!  I know you will show helpfulness and respect today.

Classes are in the process of making 10 Halloween sentences:

5 are normal
3 are bizarre
2 are original creations

When student are done their 10 sentences, they are to pick their best one and illustrate it on a sheet of blank paper.  These illustrations will be bound into a Halloween book.

Once finished, students can demonstrate their knowledge of body parts in French by drawing a picture of their favourite Halloween monster/witch/skeleton, etc.  Once they have finished their picture, they can label the body parts.  There is a bulletin board in the room that demonstrates most of the body parts of a skeleton.  You can use that for reference.
**The grade 4/5’s can go directly to the body part activity.**

There are Chromebooks in the room to help with the discovery of new French words.  They are not to be used for playing French games unless done all the work assigned.

Hope you have a great day!
Madame Fisk


Beware the Dangers of Google Translate

A perfect example of how Google Translate is not always your friend.  Best to keep it simple and use technology to discover new words, not do the work for you.