Dear Parents:

We have already learned the names for many of the members of our family.  We are now going to apply that learning and make a family album.  We are going to introduce our family members, describe their appearance, and talk about their likes and dislikes…all in French!

All of the materials needed will be provided.  However, if you would like to provide pictures for the album you are most welcome to do so.  Please note, however, that the pictures may not return in the same condition, so please do not send anything valuable.  Inexpensive albums or scrapbooks (from the dollar store) are also permitted to contain your son/daughter’s work.

This is always a project of pride for the students.  It is a time where they can ‘show off’ their families, and doing it all in French really helps make a connection to language in our personal environment.  We do recognize that all families are different and we celebrate that diversity.

Looking forward to seeing the final project!
Mme Fisk

Learning Goal and Success Criteria, Examples, and Anchor Charts:



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