Qui est-ce? – A Celebrity Guessing Game


Étape 1 – Pick a celebrity.  The celebrity can be real or it can be a character, and they can be living or dead.  Try to be creative in your choice.  Keep it a secret from your classmates.

Étape 2 – You need to write six hints as to who the person is.

First state if it is a boy, girl, man, or woman.
You can describe their profession, age, nationality.
You can describe their physical attributes (hair colour, eye colour).
You can describe their accomplishments.
Finally, you can say their initials.  Il s’appelle X.Y. / Elle s’appelle X.X.

Étape 3 – Create a mini poster with a picture of your celebrity covered by a flap so that no one can see it at first.

Learning Goals / Success Criteria:

Here are some examples:




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